Project Lead the Way Update

Four of our lower grade classrooms are finishing up PLTW units this week. Miss Myers is wrapping up a module entitled Grids and Games with her second graders. Her students have been investigating numerical relationships while learning about the sequence and structure required in computer programs. Using the skills and knowledge gained from these activities, students are now designing and developing games in which a player interacts with objects on a tablet screen.

girls and egg car

We’re learning how to protect an egg from a crash.

Mrs. Elowski’s 4th grade students are also wrapping up a PLTW unit. The unit is entitled, Energy: Collisions. Students have been exploring the properties of mechanisms and how they change energy by transferring direction, speed, type of movement, and force. They’ve learned about the relationship between the speed of an object and the energy of that object, as well as how objects transfer energy during a collision. This learning is important as students solve the essential problem for this module: developing a vehicle restraint system for amusement park bumper cars.

The third grade students in Mrs. Schlomer’s room are working through Stability and Motion: Science of Flight. In this module, the students are learning about the forces involved in flight as well as Newton’s Laws of Motion. They are designing, building, and testing experimental model gliders to find out how air and other forces affect flight. Students apply the design process to the problem of delivering aid to an area where supplies must be airlifted in and dropped to the ground from an aircraft.

Mrs. Ziel’s Kindergarten students are studying Pushes and Pulls in their current PLTW unit. The Kindergartners are studying how pushes and pulls affect the motion of an object. Their explorations include pushes and pulls found in our everyday world, such as pushing a friend on a swing or pulling a wagon. In this module’s design problem, the students need to move rocks from a yard so they can install a swing set. Students work through the problem by applying what they’ve learned about forces.