Lutheran Women’s Missionary Society

United to Serve Jesus

LWMS is intentional about supporting missionaries in its goal to serve Jesus. United to serve Jesus is the motto of LWMS. All women of St. Matthew’s are welcome to attend LWMS events anytime. Special thanks to all the people who sent letters of encouragement to the Befriend a Missionary missionaries in December. Your prayers and letters (and gifts) give them strength and comfort knowing their brothers and sisters in Christ support them! Thanks so much!

January 2018 LWMS Prayer Calendar:

India Christian Day Schools

The India orphanages and Gentle Shepherd Lutheran School were the beneficiaries of the first kids c.a.r.e. offering. At that time, those who were supervising the care of the 300 children in their homes and in the school had begun to emphasize teaching the Word of God to them. The gift from kids c.a.r.e. enabled major strides in doing so. Many of the children came from Hindu or Muslim backgrounds, so videos were an excellent outreach tool. Over the years, Bible story cartoon videos were purchased which were used by the caregivers to teach Bible stories. Even though the children understood little or no English, they knew the Bible stories and were able to follow them as they were unveiled in the cartoons. Later, Bible movies produced in the United States and translated intoTelugu became available in India. The children as well as the adult caretakers enjoyed them very much.The same equipment was provided for GSLS. In addition, simple computers were purchased for use in the school. These computers use both Telegu and English. Power Point presentations were created for use in teaching the children, and the teachers obtained additional teaching materials from Indian sources.The offering received in 2006 benefited hundreds of Indian children, not just initially, but also in years since then. It increased the opportunity of the children in Gentle Shepherd Lutheran School to gain basic computer knowledge which gave them a head start as they advanced to higher education.

– Former orphanage director

Remember to pray for:
· the Gospel work that is changing lives among the orphans in India
· the faithful, dedicated workers and teachers in the orphanages and GSLS
· the country of India to be more open to the Gospel and its messengers
· the people of your own country to be open to the message of the Gospel, to hunger and thirst after righteousness


55th Annual LWMS Convention

Speak O Lord from the Valley to the World

  •  June 21—24, 2018 Green Bay, Wisconsin
  • Hosted by the Paperland Circuit at the KI Convention Center, 333 Main St., Green Bay, WI 54301
  • Check it out on the LWMS website
  • Closer to home, the spring rally for LWMS will be held at Peace in Janesville on April 21, 2018. Plan to attend that fun morning full of missions as well!