Sunday Morning Bible Study

CHURCH – MISSION – MINISTRY. Church buildings are usually pretty recognizable… but a church is far more than just a building located down the street, it’s far more than posted service times, it’s far more than a pastor who works there and a place for people to go on Sundays. We invite you to join us as we look at the Biblical definition of “Church” to learn what a church does and what assignment the Lord has given to the church. Below are the 8 lessons we will cover. What a blessing it will be to see how all three of these words fit together and flow from one to the other – all from the heart of our gracious God and Savior.

1.     There is One Body

2.     What Does the Church Look Like?

3.     Walking in the Truth

4.     The Mission of the Church: Bear Witness to Christ

5.     There Will Be One Flock

6.     You Are a Holy Priesthood

7.     The Holy Spirit Has Established the Public Ministry

8.     That the Body of Christ May Be Built Up.

During Sunday Morning Bible class, child care is offered for ages 1 to 3 in the preschool classrooms, and Sunday Bible Adventures is open to all children ages 3-8th grade in the school.