2024-25 School Registration

Welcome, parents! You are reading this because you received an email from infosnap.com with a link to this page and a “snapcode” that will be used to register your child for the 2024-25 school year. Click “Online Registration Portal” button below to complete online registration.

Note: Make sure you have your student’s snapcode to access the online registration for that student. Your snapcode has been emailed to you.

Registration will once again be done primarily online, with the exception of Part A below. Part A must be done with paper forms that are part of a registration packet, which you received in the mail. The information in Parts B and C contains information that is meant to help you register successfully and efficiently. Please download and review the School Handbook and the other forms and information provided. By completing the online registration you are agreeing to submit to the governing policies of the school, including policies and guidelines in the Parent Handbook.


All parents will need to fill out and return the following documents to school. All of these documents are included in the registration packet and are also available online for your convenience. These forms are due back to the school office by August 1.

Part B

The following optional documents, if you choose to make use of them, need to be completed and returned to school (due dates in parentheses).

Part C

The following documents are informational in nature and will be helpful to you as you complete the online registration. Please download and read through the documents that are applicable to you and your child(ren). For example, families with children in grades 5-8 will need to select from the three music options; and it would be helpful to read through the Music Selection Information document prior to making those selections. Likewise, when selecting sports options, families will want to first read through the Sports Selection Information document to take note of which sports are being offered at St. Matthew’s (Because the online form is a standard form used by other schools, the online selections will include sports not offered at our school).