Activities Team

Responsible for organizing both SHINE and congregational activities to foster congregational unity and fellowship.

This team includes the following and all other activities aligned with the purpose of the team: Advent and Lent meals, Easter breakfast, funeral meals if requested, special event meals, Fellowship coffee and Sunday morning Bible study coffee.


  • Establish and coordinate the serving circles for the congregational meals(as above) and other meals as requested
  • Respond to requests for SHINE assistance with special congregational events and functions including Advent by Candlelight, Live Nativity, Pastors’ Conferences, Church Picnic, and other requests as appropriate for this team
  • Maintain the kitchen, ordering and stocking non-consumable items as needed (food preparation and serving items)
  • Plan and organize other activities for women.

To learn more about the Activities Team, please contact Elsie Lemke or Mary Lueth.