Building Christian Relationships

At St. Matthew’s, there is a strong emphasis on building Christian relationships. Older students of the school are paired with younger students each year as part of the Chapel Buddy program. Chapel buddies not only only all-school chapel services twice a month, grade levels that are matched up typically join in other fun activities during the school year. For example 3rd graders might meet up with their 7th grade chapel buddies so the 7th graders can help to edit stories written by the 3rd graders. Or 6th grader might take their 1st grade chapel buddies outside for a game of kickball. Each year students are paired with different chapel buddies.

Another way that St. Matthew’s works to foster Christian relationships among its students is through Cardinal Flocks. There are ten Cardinal Flocks made up of students from all grade levels. Flocks meet about six times during the year to work on service projects together or to take part in a team building activity.

In addition to developing positive student-to-student interactions, the school staff gets to know each student individually in classroom, at the lunch table as teachers eat with their students, and on the playground as teachers interact with and play with the students.

Other annual events, such as Spirit Week and the All-School Kickball Tournament also play a role in building a school culture where students not only know each other, but like and support one another, too!