Preschool Power Hour Bible Time

Although our children grow up in an often unstable world, we can give them the solid rock to stand and grow on – Jesus loves us today and always! Jesus Himself taught God’s love to children as seen when He said “Let the little children come to me for such is the Kingdom of God…” If Jesus told children about God, shouldn’t we?

You can give your child the best food, schools, toys, friends, and money, but without faith in God, they have nothing to weather the storms of life on earth and they will not see the joys of heaven!

At St. Matthew’s, which is a member of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod, we believe that:

  • Children are precious to God.
  • Children are sinful and need a Savior as we all do.
  • God so loved the world (all people, even children) that He gave his one and only son (Jesus) that whoever believes (babies, children, adults) in Him shall not perish but have eternal Life!
  • Eternal life is a free gift from God, given in exchange for the death of His own son Jesus Christ to all people. The Bible stories follow a theme each year. One year your children will hear familiar Bible stories from the Old and New Testaments, another year will focus on Bible people and a third year’s theme will highlight character qualities of God’s children. Each Bible story brings out truths from God’s Word and age appropriate applications to the young child’s life. Each Bible portion will always show this main Biblical truth from God’s Word: we are all sinners and yet while still sinners, God sent His Son, out of complete love for each of us, to take away all our sin. We are all forgiven completely and freely. The children hear over and over how they are dearly loved by God.

The Bible Time portion of the Preschool Power Hour lasts approximately 10 minutes.