Preschool Power Hour Gym Time

Through safe play with quality equipment, your child will have an opportunity to socialize in a healthy environment and refine his or her large-motor skills. As children explore motion they learn to control their movements in relation to the space around them. Music, rhythm and rhyme are also utilized in this large-motor skill development time. Music motivates the motion of the children and adds delight to the parent/child motor skill development.

During Children’s Choice time, adults and children are encouraged to interact with one another, giving children an opportunity to develop social skills and allowing adults to build Christian friendships.

The child/parent couple will use:

  • scooters
  • parachutes
  • big balls
  • little soft balls
  • hoops
  • gym mats
  • bean bags
  • and too many more to list!

Preschool Power Hour components: