Personal Member Ministry



This session is a wonderful opportunity to learn the biblical foundations of serving others. Facilitators walk you through exercises that reveal your spiritual gifts, personality traits, passions and interests. You'll be pleasantly surprised to meet others who share your spiritual gifts. We request that anyone who participates in St. Matthew's Member Ministry first take part in the Discovery Workshop. It ensures that we connect you with a ministry opportunity that energizes you instead of making you feel obligated to show up.
St Matthew's member ministry program has written "job descriptions" for each ministry role. These descriptions lay out the duties, tasks, time commitments and other details that will guide you. Additionally, your ministry leader receives training on how to clearly identify needs, and lead & encourage your spiritual growth as you serve.
Your time commitment depends on your ministry role. Each ministry has different requirements, and these are identified in a written ministry role description which you can review during the Match-Up Meeting.
Absolutely! We are always interested in ways to enhance spiritual growth by serving others in Christ. We are currently working on the system to make this an easy process. Stay tuned...
Even though the goal of our Discovery Workshop is to uncover your gifts and talents and carefully match you with a ministry, we understand there may be situations where you need to move on. We are happy to match you with a new ministry or to get your feedback on how we can serve you better!