High School Destinations

St. Matthew’s students usually continue their education at one of three different high schools. Approximately one-third of our graduates enroll at Oconomowoc High School, a division 1 school of about 1,500 students. Two-thirds of our students continue their Christian education at either Lakeside Lutheran High School in Lake Mills or Luther Preparatory School in Watertown. Lakeside, a school of about 500 students, is fed and operated by 31 different congregations in the surrounding area, including St. Matthew’s Lutheran Church. Because St. Matthew’s sends a large number of its graduates to Lakeside, St. Matthew’s is one of a handful of schools that serve as a starting and ending location for one of Lakeside’s bus routes. Luther Preparatory School in Watertown is part of the WELS worker training system that sends about 40% of its senior graduates on to Martin Luther College to study for the teaching or preaching ministry.