Admission Policy

Students are admitted to St. Matthew’s  with the understanding that they and their parents/ guardians will accept the school’s Mission and Vision and fully abide by the policies set down by the St. Matthew’s Board of Education, including the policies outlined in this handbook. Students are also admitted to SMLS with the understanding that they and their parents/guardians will do everything they can to ensure social, emotional, physical, spiritual, and academic well-being through…

  • Worshiping regularly, praying, and studying God’s Word together.
  • Modeling appropriate behavior and attitudes when interacting with staff, other children, and other parents while at school and at school-related functions.
  • Providing a suitable place and time for studying and homework completion.
  • Providing healthy meals and snacks.
  • Enforcing reasonable bedtimes to maintain adequate sleep.
  • Making timely contact with teachers regarding any classroom concerns.
  • Maintaining proper cleanliness of body and clothing and following the school dress code.
  • Staying home when ill according to the guidelines in this handbook.

    A child must be five years of age by September 1 for enrollment in Kindergarten. A child that is four years of age by September 1 is eligible for our 4K program. A child that is three years of age by September 1 is eligible for our 3K program. Based upon observation and testing, and in consultation with the parents, the faculty may recommend alternate forms of education if it feels the school cannot meet the child’s needs.