Homework & Grading

Your called teachers will do their best according to their God-given abilities to educate your children.
However, education does not take place only in the classroom. To successfully educate the children, work
must continue in the home. Homework extends learning opportunities by allowing students to practice what
they’ve learned, prepare for new information, or elaborate on information that has been introduced.
Since reading is such an essential part of elementary education, all students at St. Matthew’s will have this
as part of their homework each week. For younger students (K-4), this will entail 100 minutes per week of
at-home reading (child reads alone or parent reads to child), and for older students (5-8) outside reading
requirements are tied to the Accelerated Reader program.
Generally students will be allowed 2 days plus one day for every day absent to make up their homework.
For example, if the student is absent 3 days, he/she will be given 5 days to make up the work (2 + 3).

Homework Guidelines
• The amount of homework assigned to students gradually increases from grade to grade. Although there
may be exceptions, the minutes your child should spend on homework should equal approximately 10
times his or her grade level (a 2nd grader would spend 20 minutes, a 3rd grader 30 minutes, and so on).
• Help set up a consistent, organized place for homework to be done.
• Help your child establish either a consistent schedule for completing homework or help him create a
schedule each Sunday night that reflects that particular week’s activities.
• Encourage, motivate, and prompt your child, but do not sit with him and do the homework for him. The
purpose of the homework is for your child to practice and use what he has learned. If your child is
consistently not able to do the homework by himself, please contact your child’s teacher.
• If your child is practicing a skill, ask him to tell you which steps are easy for him, which are difficult, or
how he is going to improve. If your child is doing a project, ask him what knowledge he is applying in
the project. If your child is consistently unable to talk about the knowledge he is practicing or using,
please contact your child’s teacher.
• When bedtime comes, please stop your child, even if he is not done, and contact your child’s teacher to
discuss the next steps.
Grading System and Honor Roll
A 4.0 point grading scale is used in our school. Students in grades 5-8 that maintain an average of A- or
above will be recognized on the school’s Honor Roll.

St. Matthew’s uses a web-based software program called PowerSchool, which allows
parents and students to access assignments and grades by typing in their parent or student password. The
website is: http://wels.powerschool.com.