School Bus Service

The Oconomowoc Area School District provides transportation for all students in public or private schools who reside within the district’s boundaries under provisions of Wisconsin laws and regulations and in accordance with Board Policy 751 and Board Regulation 751-R (1). Eligibility for district provided transportation services is determined as follows:

  • Transportation shall be provided for all residents living two or more miles from their school of attendance;
  • Transportation shall be provided for all resident students living in areas of unusual hazard as officially designated by the local law enforcement authority of designee; and
  • Children with disabilities shall be transported in accordance with state law.

Ineligible resident students may request a parent contract with the district providing the bus does not leave its normal bus route and there is adequate room on the bus. In the event that an overload occurs as the year progresses, the last ineligible student added to the bus list will be the first taken off. Payment in full for this service must be made before the student will be permitted to ride the bus.

For information about bus rules, guidelines, and pickup/drop off times, visit the district website: