What is Scrip?

Printable Scrip Order Form

Scrip is our school fundraiser. The school is able to purchase gift cards at a discount from Great Lakes Scrip Company. In turn, you purchase gift cards that you want for different retail stores, gas stations, grocery stores, and other venues at face value from St. Matthew’s. The school gets to keep the difference to raise funds. It is very easy as nothing extra comes out of your pocket except exactly what you want to purchase with your gift cards. The money raised at St. Matthew’s is distributed with 25% going to the Tuition Assistance Fund and 75% to purchasing non-budgeted items. 

Scrip (School Cash Incentive Rebate Program) is “substitute money.” When you purchase Scrip, you are purchasing gift cards or certificates that are used just like cash at local and national vendors to pay for everyday items like groceries, gas, clothing, restaurants, travel, home improvements, and much more!  With every purchase you make using Scrip, you generate extra money for our school’s ministry. You can also benefit your child’s tuition account because 50% of the earnings can be designated as tuition credits!

How will it work for me?

I usually buy $100 worth of groceries each week at Piggly Wiggly. Knowing that, I buy a $100 Piggly Wiggly Scrip card at St. Matthew’s (No extra cost to me!).  I spend it at the Pig as usual. The profit earned for St. Matthew’s is $3.00, the percent of discount St. Matthew’s received when they bought the gift card. I find that using the Scrip card is easier than writing a check!

It seems like I’m always filling up my car lately and gas prices are outrageous! I decide to buy $100 worth of Kwik Trip Scrip cards because that’s where I usually fill up. Since the Kwik Trip percent was at 5%, my fill ups earned $5 for my school!  And if I choose to designate 50% of my earnings to my child’s tuition, I would have just gained a $2.50 tuition credit…just for buying what I normally have to buy anyway!
I am happy to know that my earnings can benefit St. Matthew’s in a number of ways:

  1. I can designate 50% of my earnings to help pay my child’s tuition; or
  2. I can designate 50% of my earnings to help pay another child’s tuition now or a future child’s tuition; or
  3. I can choose to simply allow all of my earnings to be used by the St. Matthew’s SCRIP program to continue the ministry of St. Matthew’s School. All earnings not designated for tuition credits will be allocated according to the following percentages:  75% to purchase non-budgeted items for the school and 25% for the Tuition Assistance Fund.

How do I purchase Scrip cards?

There currently are four ways that you can purchase Scrip.

  1. You can complete a simple order form, attach a check, and turn the order in on Thursdays at school. Your cards arrive by the following Wednesday.
  2. You can order Scrip online (preferred method). Place your order on line, send a check to school by Thursday morning, and the cards arrive by the following Wednesday. When online ordering, you have the option to pay with Presto Pay, an electronic funds transfer from your checking account.
  3. You can purchase cards that we have in stock at school every Wednesday and Thursday from 7:20-8:00 a.m.
  4. You can order using MyScripWallet on your smart phone.

Important Scrip information

  1. Scrip purchases are not tax deductible because you receive a benefit.
  2. Scrip cards are the same as cash, and should be handled accordingly. St. Matthew’s is not  responsible for cards that are lost, stolen, or misplaced while in your possession.
  3. No interest will be earned on Scrip profits.

Online Ordering (steps 1-5 only need to be done the first time)

  1. Go to
  2. Select Family Sign Up – Create Account
  3. Fill out the biographical information and click on “I accept.”
  4. Answer a couple of extra security questions.
  5. You will need the organization enrollment code – “contact school office at 262-912-6364 for code”
  6. You can now start shopping!
  7. Select Checkout when complete and finalize your order.
  8. Payment method – two ways.
    1. Write out a check to St. Matthew’s for your total order.  Place it in the school office before 8 a.m. on Monday morning of the order placement date.
    2. Pay with Presto Pay.  This is an electronic funds transfer from your checking account.
      1. Presto Pay has to be set up and will take about 24 to 48 hours to complete the first time (Let this YouTube video walk you through the set up).
      2. Presto Pay charges a service fee of 15 cents for each use.

List of Retailers

Our order form has a large number of retailers in this area. There are a lot more retailers that are available and not on our sheet. Please go to the website to see a full list of all the retailers. We will gladly order any of the ones that you want, just add it on the blank line on the order sheet.

Get Tuition Credits!

Not only will by Scrip help our school with non-budgeted educational tools and equipment, but 50% of the revenue your purchases generate can be credited back to you for your child’s tuition!  Here’s how it works:

  • Parents may designate 50% of their total earnings to be used as tuition credit for a current or future student of St. Matthew’s. The remaining 50% will be used to continue the ministry at St. Matthew’s (75% for non-budgeted items; 25% to the Tuition Assistance Fund).
  • Tuition credit disbursements will be made only to a St. Matthew’s tuition account.
  • Profit accumulation for tuition credit will end on 5/31 of each year. A minimum of $10 profit must be generated for a distribution to be made to a St. Matthew’s tuition account. There is no maximum amount.
  • Statements of Scrip profit for tuition credit will be distributed annually, no later than July 1 following the designated school year.  Scrip supporters must choose how they wish to distribute their tuition credit profits within 6 weeks of the statement date.
  • No refunds will be given for unused credits. Unused credits will be applied to the St. Matthew’s Tuition Assistance Fund.
  • Tuition credits will accumulate from purchases made between June 1 and May 31 each year. Parents can then choose one of the following:
    • Current students in grades 3K-7 will have the tuition credit applied to next year’s tuition.
    • Families with 8th graders may transfer their credit to another student. If not, it is automatically credited to the St. Matthew’s Tuition Assistance Fund.
    • Hold the tuition credit for a future student. The tuition credit will be applied when the student enrolls in school.
    • Put the earnings into the St. Matthew’s Scrip Program to be distributed 75% for non-budgeted items and 25% to the Tuition Assistance Fund.

It’s Easy, Try It!

Orders are due by Thursday morning at 8 a.m. and will be placed that day. Your gift card(s) will arrive by Wednesday of the following week and will be distributed by how you indicate on the order form. If you need extra forms, they are always available in the folder in the school office

We would like each one of you to give this a try and see how easy it is. If you purchase gas, groceries, or eat out, then you will find something on the list that fits your needs. Give it a try!

If you have any questions or would like further explanation please contact [] or [].

Thank you!