The Cardinal’s NEST

St. Matthew’s has an active parent-teacher group called The Cardinal’s NEST (Nurture, Educate and Support through Teamwork. The Cardinal’s Nest organization exists to enhance the Christ-centered education offered at St. Matthew’s by supporting and encouraging the parents, teachers and students through teamwork and service that glorifies our Savior Jesus.

The NEST strives to nurture, educate and support not only our students, but also families, parents and teachers at St. Matthew’s. The Cardinal’s NEST wants to help foster relationships and cultivate a sense of community at St. Matthew’s – a community where all families – whether existing or new – feel welcomed and informed.  The NEST does not exist to direct administrative duties of St. Matthew’s or control its policies.

Structure of the NEST

The planning of activities, events and resources are not possible without a formal structure and leadership group to oversee them.  The Cardinal’s NEST executive committee is comprised of four officers:  President, Vice-President, Secretary/Treasurer and Volunteer Coordinator.  A faculty member attends the executive committee meetings. The executive committee plans the activities calendar, recruits volunteers and communicates with school families. The executive committee also oversees four standing sub-committees: Fun, Growth, Boosters and Fundraising.  Executive committee members serve for two-year terms. There is no limit to terms. Two new officers are replaced through an election conducted in spring. Nominees for the executive committee must be a member of St. Matthew’s or a church in fellowship with St. Matthew’s and a parent at St. Matthew’s Lutheran School for a full two school years. The election ballot is approved by the Board of Education prior to election. Members of sub-committees are not elected, and any parent of a current St. Matthew’s student is eligible to join a sub-committee.

During the school year, the NEST will host fun activities for families, fundraising events and opportunities to learn about topics relevant to parenting today. Fundraising activities will be approved by the Board of Education.  Other activities or programs may be submitted for approval by the Board of Education at the discretion of the principal. Funding needs may be brought to the NEST at least 60 days prior to the fundraising event.  In the event of multiple concurrent needs, the NEST will prioritize and allot resources based on a vote by the school parents.

The NEST will also oversee volunteer needs at St. Matthew’s, including room parents, boosters and event volunteers.  Volunteers may be church members, grandparents of students, etc.

Being involved can difficult, but not impossible, for some working parents. The goal is to have 100% of our school parents involved in some way during the school year by giving them reasons to become involved and attend events that center in their children and reasons to stay involved that center in Christ. All meetings and events will have a focus that points to Jesus. We will use events and programs as opportunities to hold out the gospel message to all of our families.

Our parent-teacher organization, the Cardinal’s NEST ( Nurture, Educate, Support, Teamwork) is active at our school.