Life Lessons

In addition to sound religious instruction in biblical truths and high academic standards, St. Matthew’s students are also well prepared for life in this world. As future leaders in the community, it is important that our students are prepared for the situations they will face in adult life. At St. Matthew’s, students have some wonderful opportunities to grow as leaders.

One of these opportunities is Survival Quarter, a special unit for 8th graders that deals with real-life topics such as resume writing, job interviews, investments, checking accounts, and insurance.

Survival Quarter

This unique unit was designed to give eighth grader students an appreciation for, and an understanding of, adult responsibilities through real-life simulations.


Survival Quarter is a special unit dealing with real- life topics and situations. The simulations are intended to be a beneficial reference in the future.

Topics include:
• Resume Writing and Job Interviews
• Investing in the Stock Market
• Checking Accounts
• Health and Life Insurance
• Real Estate and Home Loans
• Wills and Living Wills
• Income Tax Filing

Organization / Set Up

At the beginning of Survival Quarter, the focus will be on employment. In addition to earning “wages” for their homework assignments, students apply and interview for actual “jobs” at school with members of our church that volunteer to serve as “bosses.” Students will not be guaranteed jobs. As we progress through the unit, guest speakers will focus our attention on the areas listed above in the overview. As new activities are introduced, students will have more opportunities to “get involved” in real-life simulations. The unit lasts approximately 8 weeks and takes place in the months of February and March.