YOUth Praise

YOUth Praise Choir is a key element in the overall music curriculum at St. Matthew’s. The objective of YOUth Praise Choir is to provide students with many opportunities to learn and perform quality music beyond what is offered in the classroom. Choir is one of the three music electives for upper grade (5-8) students. At St. Matthew’s, each student in the upper grades is required to select at least one music performance activity (Band, Choir, or Chimes). Research tells us that participation in music increases a child’s overall intellectual development, and it corresponds to higher grades and better test scores. Music also teaches critical life skills that are important in today’s workforce: self-discipline, teamwork, problem-solving skills, and self-expression.

There are many singing opportunities for choir members, including our church worship services on a regular basis (about once a month) and the Lakeside Lutheran High School Fine Arts Fair (one weekend each spring). The LLHS Fine Arts Fair is part of the YOUth Praise curriculum and thus is part of the students’ semester grades. Attendance is mandatory. The LLHS Fine Arts Fair also provides an additional opportunity for students to perform in solo and/or ensemble judged events. All students will be encouraged to prepare a solo or an ensemble for the Fair, but these events are optional. YOUth Praise Choir rehearses twice each week during the school day for approximately 40 minutes.