iPad Program

Education is no longer bound by the limits of the teacher, textbook, or the books in the school library. At St. Matthew’s, we are committed to preparing our students for the 21st Century.

Why Apple?

  • An iPad is personal, powerful and versatile.
  • Stability – the iPad operating system has the reputation of being robust and intuitive.
  • Security – the Apple App Store tests all new apps before releasing them to the public, ensuring no inappropriate content appears.
  • Continuity – Apps perform the same way on all recent versions of the iPad, making it easier to cater to a variety of devices over time.
  • Support – the AppleCare Protection Plan provides 24/7 telephone support, software support and technical support.

How can iPads improve learning?

21st century learning involves critical, technical, collaborative and problem-solving skills. Through the iPad program we can provide opportunities for children to question, explore, interact, and create answers to important questions about God’s created world. There is a growing body of research indicating its potential for improved learning outcomes. Both students and teachers are able to connect, collaborate, capture, test, and share through the use of a personal device such as the iPad.

How often will the iPad be used during school and for what?

“Anytime, anywhere, but not all the time.”
St. Matthew’s Lutheran School places an emphasis on students using technology to assist and improve their learning. Students having an iPad for anytime, anywhere learning to take place, does not necessarily mean they will use their device all day, every day. While the iPad should be able to handle most of a student’s computing needs, it is certainly not intended to replace a laptop/desktop device.

The iPad is a companion device. The advantage of the iPad is its mobility and ease of use, so it is the perfect tool to take to class. This is a technology-rich world and students are surrounded by digital technology. Schools can either use this technology to engage students in learning or ignore it. Staff and students work together to use iPads as a tool, which develops the student as an information seeker, analyzer, evaluator, problem solver and decision maker. Students use applications to create ways to communicate their findings and become publishers of their own work.

What are the educational benefits of iPads?

Research suggests that most students already own and use digital tools on a daily basis for their educational, social and personal needs. At St. Mathew’s Lutheran School, we believe that it is our responsibility as a school to keep up with technological change.

Is it compulsory for my child to have an iPad?

Yes, it is a piece of classroom equipment necessary for each student in grades 5-8.

We already have an iPad. Can that be used instead of buying a new one?

Yes. If you already have an iPad 2 or later model, your child can use it as their device. Please be aware that traditionally Apple will only support the two most recent models of their devices (currently the iPad 4th generation and the iPad Air), with software and hardware updates and support. An iPad Mini is also a good option for the iPad program.

Will my child be downloading apps at school?

Yes and no. At St. Matthew’s Lutheran School, we encourage a flexible download agreement between you and your child, as it is important that they have the ability to, at times, download free apps during classroom sessions. With the latest IOS Update, Apple has enabled the ability for students to download free apps without the need for a password. Students will never be required to download paid apps during class time. Students are taught how to use their iPad and download apps responsibly. Parents can also set various controls through the ‘Restrictions’ setting on the iPad.

Can parents control the use of the iPad at home?

Yes. The use of the iPad and time spent on it will be entirely up to the parents to negotiate with their child. We strongly encourage you set clear time limits on its use during home time. The internet has many benefits and risks and it should not be used by children without adult supervision and parental control. It is expected that students bring their iPad to school every day.

What if my question isn’t answered here?

You can find a more comprehensive list of questions and answered HERE.

If you still have questions, please ask! We understand that there may be some questions that have not been answered in this document. We welcome input from parents and students, and we will be grateful for any constructive criticism. If you have any further questions or concerns about the program please contact our Technology Director, Mr. Paulsen (epaulsen@smls.org), or your child’s teacher. As a school, we see the use of technology, primarily mobile technology, as an outstanding tool in assisting and complementing what the students are learning here at St. Matthew’s!