Spiritual Team

Responsible for the spiritual programs for SHINE with the goal of enhancing and strengthening the spiritual health of individuals, especially women, and the congregation.

This team includes the following and all other activities aligned with the purpose of the team: Women’s Retreat, Women’s Bible Studies, Altar Committee, Advent by Candlelight, Cradle Roll, Prayer Chain and Church Banners.


  • Establish planning committee for annual Women’s Retreat and support as needed.
  • Communicate with coordinators/leaders of the following committees/groups and support as needed:
  • Communicate with the Director of Early Childhood to support the work of Cradle Roll.
  • Assign coordinator to establish and maintain Prayer Chain and support as needed.
  • Provide maintenance and display of church banners.

To learn more about the Spiritual Team, please contact Heather Bigelow or Chris Shaw.